January 17th, 2011

The ‘Opportunity of Crisis’: Nixon blamed the left for ’72 shooting of George Wallace

The ‘Opportunity of Crisis’: Nixon blamed the left for ’72 shooting of George Wallace

Media blame following the Tuscon shooting tragedy parallels one of Richard Nixon’s worst ‘dirty tricks,’ when he attempted to “pin” George Wallace’s attempted assassin as a Leftist McGovern/Kennedy supporter in the media, and in manufactured evidence, before Bremer’s background or affiliation was known

Aaron Dykes
Prison Planet.com [1]
Saturday, January 15, 2011


Nixon’s scheme to use the attempted assassination of George Wallace for political gain– by seeking to brand assassin Arthur Bremer as a leftist– is a classic example of his re-election campaign’s all out “dirty tricks” political war against any and all enemies. Caught on tape in the Presidential recordings, the opportunistic manipulation of a tragedy in the national spotlight was a classic page out of the Nixon playbook– probably better recognized in our contemporary setting as a page out of the Rahm Emanuel-playbook [2], Obama’s former Chief of Staff and Chicago mayor hopeful. Emanuel famously quipped, “Never let a good crisis go to waste [3].” Now, political forces are very obviously trying to use [4] the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and its many victims for political gain via new tyrannical laws [5]. Nixon just wanted to get re-elected.

With the audacious grandstanding over the wounded and killed in Tuscon and all out mayhem in the media blame game [6], both the Left and Right wings of the political establishment have shamefully seized upon [7] Jared Lee Loughner’s shooting as an opportunity to ‘pin it’ on their enemies [8], outlaw criticism of public figures [9], stifle dissent [10] and turn free speech [11] into a privilege when it is a clearly defined right.

Ironically, under the guise of curbing inflammatory or potentially violent and surely “vitriolic” rhetoric to protect those who serve in Congress, many offensive “tragedy vultures” bearing gun control [12], hate speech or fairness doctrine legislation, have taken first blood, stinging their enemies with implication of guilt in a heinous murder spree, though these targets for blame have no connection to the crime.

As paralleled in Nixon’s actions following the attempt on Wallace’s life, the political powers of this country, and their partners in media, wasted no time in “pinning” political blame [13] on external forces within hours of the Tuscon incident, carefully coordinating an attack without even having a clear background of the accused assassin. The circumstances surrounding Loughner’s shooting are likely fresh on the readers’ minds. Here’s a parallel case, as revealed by the tape recorded reaction of President Nixon on May 15, 1972 mere hours after the shooting of presidential hopeful George Wallace, who was running in the 1972 Democratic primary before being shot by [convicted] assassin Arthur Bremer.

With a touching dose of Nixon’s well-known inner contradictions about calculating triangulations of strategies against multiple enemy fronts, or perhaps disconnected from the reality of the shooting and his political manipulation of the events, Richard Nixon first phoned his wife after learning of the shooting. Nixon wanted to inform her of the ‘problem’ conflicting with their pre-planned events. Nixon felt he had to take the night off to appear sympathetic. Nixon then phoned the wife of George Wallace to express sympathy and solidarity, commenting that “us people in politics have got to expect some dangers.” He then called to offer Ted Kennedy [14], not a candidate in 1972, the full protection of secret service. Later, after hatching the initial plan to politically damage both Kennedy and McGovern by associating them with the accused assassin, Arthur Bremer, Nixon seemed very concerned and asked his staff if he’d ‘done the right thing’ in offering Kennedy protection.

In between updates on the condition of Wallace, Nixon seems preoccupied with being the first to learn details about the assassin’s identity from the initial interrogations. He became frustrated when he learned that he couldn’t get someone into the jail to interrogate the shooter before the media learned about him first.

In this video, at about 6:46 minutes is two minutes of condensed audio WITH SUBTITLES from Richard Nixon’s presidential recordings on May 15, 1972 in the immediate hours after learning about the attempted assassination on George Wallace. A longer 17 minute excerpt [15] [listen [15]] includes these portions in greater context; clips of his conversation with Mrs. Nixon [16], Mrs. Wallace [17], Ted Kennedy [14]. 4 other excerpts not discussed directly in this article can be found at this site [18].

Alex Jones Show, Jan. 14, 2011: Is Government Attempting Nixonesque Dirty Trick with Loughner?

CUE AT 6:46 For Nixon Audio Tape (TRANSCRIPT BELOW)

Transcript of Nixon’s meeting to exploit the Wallace shooting
(Timecues=minutes in You Tube video above)

6:46 [President Richard Nixon – May 15, 1972 – Between 7:42 pm and 8:10 pm]
We’ve [...] to have the first report from the interrogation indicate that it was a McGovern / Kennedy supporter

6:56 [Nixon] Know what I mean? Rumors are going to flow all over the place. Put it on the left right away. Now, can you do that?

7:04 [Nixon] Who could you put it to that could kind of get it out?

7:06 [Chief of Staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman] That’s Chuck [Colson, Counsel to the President] he knows better than I do

7:09 [Nixon] Okay. It must get out fast before they pin this on the right wing.

7:13 [Edit – Cut Point-- *BEEP*]

7:14 [Nixon]Be sure to pin the assassination– Just as they tried to pin the assassin– look could we play the game a little smart for a change?They pinned the assassination on Kennedy on the right wing- the Birchers

7:25: [Nixon] It was done by a Communist… And its the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. And I respectfully suggest- can we pin it on one of theirs?

7:38 [Colson] Well we can learn to agree. Bob? – [Haldeman / Nixon?] Sure

7:40 [Colson] No trouble at all. We’ll pursue in a hurry [this whole] student radical revolutionary; that’s easy.. the wire says he’s 21 years old, hell… the wire says [..?..]

7:51 [Nixon] Let’s say he was a supporter– just say he was a supporter of McGovern / Kennedy. Now just put that out. Just say that you have it on unmistakable evidence

8:04 [Haldeman] They got a previous arrest on the guy, so there ought to be a record on him [..?..] workplace–

8:08 [Nixon] Screw the record! Just say he was a supporter of ‘that’ and ‘that’ and put it out. Just say we have an authenticated report and- Chuck [Colson]… The thing is, tell your man this is a hot tip and give it to somebody that’s a friend [in the media].

[Edit – Cut Point-- *BEEP*]

8:23 [Haldeman] One of the concerns is that the press, or the local police or somebody else will get started on it and we won’t have any control of it

8:32 [Nixon] Stop it.

8:34 [Colson] You don’t have to sell it to this fellow [Clawson]. He says, ‘of course, of course he’s a student radical, naturally.’

8:38 […] [laughter]

8:40 [Colson] And I said, ‘of course, he’s from Wisconsin, that he worked in McGovern’s campaign.’ You don’t have to sell him. [Nixon] Good. [Colson] “He’s already convinced.”


The FBI arrived at Bremer’s apartment before Nixon and Colson’s plan to plant leftist material and evidence of support for McGovern/Kennedy on Arthur Bremer could be carried out by E. Howard Hunt. According to Spartacus School [20], James Rowley, head of Secret Service, sent someone into the apartment without FBI cooperation who may have planted the material on Bremer on behalf of the White House.

Nevertheless, among the materials found in the apartment were materials supporting McGovern / Kennedy.

The next day, a 148 page diary was found in Bremer’s vehicle; some, including Gore Vidal, believe it was a planted forgery most likely placed by Hunt himself. The first sentence of this diary read “It is my personal plan to assassinate by pistol either Richard Nixon or George Wallace. I intend to shoot one or the other while he attends a campaign rally for the Wisconsin Primary”.

Evidence that Nixon had been targeted drew political blame away from his campaign and perhaps even motivated some sympathy. Later, supposed evidence of Arthur Bremer’s stalking Nixon during a campaign through Canada was also presented.

Bremer was convicted of shooting Wallace, and was imprisoned until his release on parole in 2007 [18]. George Wallace survived, but was paralyzed that fateful day after winning many Southern states throughout the primaries, and some in the North as well. Had Wallace’s support continued to grow across the country, it would have been a difficult supporter base to reconcile with the leftist base of McGovern or the Nixonian ‘silent majority’.

The AP reported on documents released in 2008 [21] that show the Nixon administration was monitoring Wallace’s impact on the ’72 race, classifying Alabama Gov. George Wallace as “a psychotic who could be useful in making trouble for his fellow Democrats.” Pat Buchanan, who worked in the Nixon White House, wrote in January of 1972 that “From an excellent source in Alabama comes word Gov. Wallace is ‘getting psychotic,’ that he has serious marital problems and that he is ‘not what he used to be,’ adding speculation that it would affect “just how much of an imbroglio he can create at the Miami Beach convention.”

According to researchers at Spartacus School [20], Arthur Bremer met with Counsel to the President Chuck Colson some 4 days before the shooting. That was relayed by Martha Mitchell, known for her big mouth, whose husband John N. Mitchell [22] was attorney general to Nixon and then, in ’72, director of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP). Further Richard E. Sprague [23] wrote that Nixon dirty tricksters Donald Segretti and Dennis Cassini met Bremer and gave him money before his attempted assassination.

If these reports have any validity, the implications for the continued abuse of power through false flag and other contrived events, here again under Nixon, is astounding. Whether or not Bremer was a controlled element of the system or a lone nut, the Executive Branch attempted to seize upon the tragedy in order to yield political points for Nixon’s heated re-election bid at the expense of the ‘left.’ Nixon won the 1972 election against George McGovern in a record-setting landslide before leaving office under the auspices of a national scandal known best as “Watergate.”

The age old tactic of blaming an enemy and seizing upon the ‘opportunity of crisis’ continued, of course, through the abuses of power of the White House in the years to come.

Hinckley, Reagan’s attempted assassin, blamed his interest in the movie Taxi Driver, reportedly based in part on Arthur Bremer, for his obsession with politically-left Jodie Foster. But Hinckley had a closer connection to family friend Vice President George Bush and his son Neil. Clinton blamed militia and radicals for Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing, a massacre and staged false flag event, respectively. George W. Bush had 9/11, the PATRIOT Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were blamed on terrorists and which demanded a surrender of our freedoms in the homeland. Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano grandstanded over the victims [24] of the Tuscon shootings, as he prepares to move on legislation proposed by his fellow travelers in Congress to further degrade the Bill of Rights. President Obama, with Rahm Emanuel’s playbook in hand, is poised to continue a legacy of ‘pinning’ it on the enemy and moving forward with an Anti-American agenda under the cover of tragedy.

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