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Questioning 9/11 - Tony Benn – Former Member of British Parliament 1942 - 2001

Tony Benn – Former Member of British Parliament 1942 - 2001. Longest serving MP in the history of the Labour party.  Former Minister of Technology.  Former Secretary of State for Industry.  Former Secretary of State for Energy.  Former Postmaster General.
  • Signatory: Petition For An Independent International Truth Commission On 9/11. "[T]he Bush administration has never offered a detailed and documented account of its claims about the events of 9-11 which have allegedly revolutionized human affairs. Nor has it explained obvious and serious discrepancies in its own statements and actions. No systematic proof has ever been published or offered as to who the terrorists were, how they operated, where they came from, and why they were not stopped. ...

    The Kean-Hamilton panel’s limited funding from Congress makes a mockery of the tragedy of 9-11, considering that it is only a small fraction of the huge sums spent to investigate Bill Clinton. ...

    We therefore call upon statesmen, thinkers, journalists, investigators, artists, scientists, jurists, academics, humanitarians, religious leaders, activists and other eminent personalities from around the world to form an Independent International Truth Commission dedicated to preventing unproven assertions about 9-11 from setting the stage for a new world conflagration." http://iitc.911review.org/

  • Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Benn

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