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War lobby fully controls US-government - Cynthia McKinney, former US congresswoman
The US must dissolve its private security firms in Afghanistan and end the war lobby which controls Washington, a former US Congresswoman says.

The American people have long disagreed with “the role of private security contractors in the pursuit of US objectives,” Cynthia McKinney told Press TV on Tuesday.

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai has set a 4-month deadline for eliminating private security contractors in his country, but US officials have challenged the decision as 'aggressive.'

Considering the situation in Afghanistan, people complain about the way tremendous amounts of money is spent on private security organizations such as Blackwater, Dine-Corp, etc. she went on to say.

Insisting that US-led forces should leave Afghanistan, McKinney said American people “disagree with the presence of US troops in Afghanistan and ... the prosecution of this war by President Obama and to see their wishes being run around by securing of private military contractors of the US government.”

Karzai has no authority and his government is imposed on the Afghan people, while “we do not know what the will of the Afghan people is, because it has never been fully expressed or explored,” the former congresswoman added.

Meanwhile, the US prompts “its NATO allies into committing all kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan,” McKinney noted.

McKinney also expounded on the use of depleted uranium by US forces in Iraq which has resulted in numerous birth defects in the cities of Basra and Fallujah, adding that the unhealthy impact of US weapons and armaments will soon be felt by the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan as well.

“The people around the world would look at the internal politics of the United States and they would say something is terribly wrong with the politics of the United States where this government in no way represents the value and the idea of peace of the American people,” McKinney went on to say.

McKinney suggested that “a peace lobby” be organized by the American people “because clearly, the war lobby is in firm control of all aspects of the United States government.”

Interview Press TV