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BP Oil Spill - Trail of Facts

We can get to the bottom of things pretty quickly just by following the trail of facts. Facts only here (in no particular order) – you draw the conclusions.
  1. In the weeks prior to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 1/3 of his BP shares, using the money to pay off his family mansion.
  2. During those same few weeks Goldman Sachs shorted 44% of its BP holdings, while Wachovia and UBS sold 98% and 97% of their BP holdings.
  3. CEO Tony Hayward made $4.5 million last year = $12,000 A DAY – even since the Deepwater explosion
  4. Deepwater Horizon oil rig owner, Transocean, made a whopping $270 million off the explosion and oil leak.
  5. Part of BP’s cost-benefit analysis for determining how well to build employee housing included a document comparing employees to the Three Little Pigs, ultimately determining that dead employees were worth more to the company than what the more expensive and safer housing would cost.
  6. President Obama just appointed his THIRD Monsanto executive to a top Food/Ag position in US Government. If you want a better understanding of how Monsanto operates, rent the documentary Food, Inc.
  7. Carl Casale, Director at Nalco (manufacturer of Corexit) is also EVP/CFO of Monsanto.
  8. Rodney Chase, another Director at Nalco was previously Deputy Group Chief Executive at BP.
  9. Despite much more efficient alternatives, BP defied EPA’s order to find a more suitable solution than Corexit.
  10. While they could have been testing this better alternative, BP and USCG were ignoring it.
  11. Scientific data points to the long-term ineffectiveness and damage to overall ecosystem from use of dispersants, demonstrating cases where nature fared far better when oil was left untreated by chemical dispersants.
  12. Reams of data testify to the toxic nature of Corexit, including it’s hazardous impact on both wildlife and humans. And still clean up workers are not being provided masks or critical safety equipment for working around it. And The EPA has done no more than a mere suggestion that BP use alternative remedies. Google it. Too many links out there documenting this to list.
  13. Corexit has NEVER been used in this quantity, at these depths. This is unprecedented – a giant science experiment we allow BP to conduct in our back yards.
  14. This dispersant use may be a direct violation of federal law.
  15. Last minute arguments after the rig exploded point to…. well, see for yourself.
  16. Since 1990 BP and its employees have given $3.4 million to federal candidates. Their highest paid yet? Obama.
  17. The MMS, the branch of government in place to oversee and regulate the oil industry actually considered themselves part of the oil industry. We now know that the MMS spent years accepting lavish gifts from the oil industry and doing drugs while on the taxpayer’s dime (all outlined in this Federal Report).
  18. BP insists that CEO Tony Hayward has moved to improve its overall safety. If that’s so, let the record show it: Since 2007 BP has accounted for 97% of all serious safety violations in the industry (that’s compared with all other companies in the entire industry – COMBINED). Is that an improvement? I suppose it could actually be.
  19. Whistleblower’s within BP were silenced, not only by BP, but by the DOJ, who shut down an important investigation and gave BP a “slap on the wrist”. The lead investigator, who had reams of evidence into the criminal nature of BP’s operations, has retired. This article is truly a MUST READ. This is investigative journalism at its finest.
  20. In 2009 BP was fined $87M for “life-threatening safety failings” where 439 “willful and egregious” safety violations had been found at one of its Texas refineries. The reason for the fine? Not the original safety failing – but rather for failing to make agreed upon safety upgrades to the Texas refinery after the explosion and fire that killed 15 people. Is this progress according to Hayward?
  21. BP is now sitting on another ticking time bomb in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil rig Atlantis is sitting in 7,000 feet of water, and is in violation of a host of safety regulations. The BP contractor who originally raised concerns about these violations had his contract terminated shortly after he alerted management to the rig’s lack of crucial engineering documents in late 2008. Improvements on safety?
  22. The Deepwater Horizon itself had a lengthy history of safety violations. But really, at this point, did you need to be told that?
  23. Today is the 46th day since this tragedy began. The clean up efforts along the Gulf Coast remain a fragmented, uncoordinated mess. No branch of the military has been called in to oversee and coordinate coastal wide clean up efforts – a perfect job for the Army. Our military is equipped to orchestrate the take down and re-assembly of a foreign country, but when our shores need protecting our leaders do not call on them. This may be the most baffling, and disturbing, fact of all.
  24. UPDATE June 7: Damning account of evidence rig operators knew and warned BP repeatedly of the danger on Deepwater Horizon. Rig workers testify they were told by BP and supervisors to “cut corners”.
  25. You might be inclined to think hefty penalties are forthcoming thanks to lawsuits, but you should consider this: more than half the federal judges in the coastal region have strong ties to the oil industry.
  26. And more evidence the use of Corexit was planned by BP far in advance, against evidence that it ranks 16th on the list for effectiveness on Louisiana crude. “No toxicity studies have been conducted on this product.” Is it any wonder that the people are skeptical when EPA tries to assure them Corexit is not harmful?
  27. UPDATE June 10: Okay this has to be added to this list. I’m a huge Warren Buffett fan but this fact is too closely related to omit. Last year Warren Buffett purchased 8.7 million shares of Nalco (manufacturer of Corexit).
  28. Berkshire Hathaway is now the largest shareholder in Nalco.

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